Friday, January 31, 2014

Miles turned 4!

Miles turned 4 on January 19th 2014. I can't believe how time has flown by. He's not a baby anymore he is most certainly a big boy now! As Miles would say when I ask him where did the baby go? He responds with "I all growed up!" :)

The Birthday theme as you will see was Ninja Turtles! Yes they are back! I remember when my brother was obsessed with Ninja turtles and Keith talks about how he was so into them when he was a kid. He likes that Miles has taken a liking to them so much that he agreed to an adult Ninja turtles shirt and he actually wears it. Miles thinks it's so cool to be like his Dad. Some day he would like to be as big as his Dad, I am trying to prepare him for the fact that it might not happen. His Dad, Keith, is 6'2" and I am 5'2". Right now Miles is the small side of the class:) You never know though generally boys have a later growth spurt than girls.

Here are some pictures of the party. Just a few family and friends over for a pizza party, cause that's what Ninja turtles like you know:) Miles was just happy to have kids over to play with. He's so easy to please.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Iris' baptism

Iris was baptized at the Keene United Church on Jan 5th. Yes we got to go home to baptize her in the church I grew up going to - not all the time but occasionally :) I didn't think baptizing her there would matter to me so much but it did. It was really important for me to have my Grandma at the baptism. My Grandmother means so much to me. She is a very special person who has a special place in my heart. Anyways I didn't mean to make such an ordeal of her baptism but it was a great excuse to get our whole family together to meet Iris and all be together at the church. If it had of been before Grandma's stroke she would have been so proud to see all of us together and maybe she still was proud- it's so hard to tell now.
Being at the church brought back all these old memories - the nursery downstairs hadn't changed much since when I was a kid. The room we ate lunch in was where I went to brownies and girl guides and the kitchen is where I helped Grandma serve soup lunches. I remembered nursing Miles in the quire practice room while I was nursing Iris:) All good memories:)

Oh ya - Iris was great during the baptism. She didn't even cry when water was put on her head. Miles had fun with all the other kids at the front on the church. He was not shy with the other kids at all and they all got to be part of the baptisms.

The rest of our visit in Peterborough was nice and relaxing. Due to the weather we were pretty much forced to stay home and relax some days. That must have been just what I needed because I really enjoyed my holiday. Anytime I get to spend bonding with Mom is a good time for me!

Unfortunately Keith got sick the last two days of our holiday with strep throat. I hated it for him :(  Next trip to Canada I am going to plan more things for Keith and I to do together. We don't get to go on nearly enough dates in St Louis so we have to take advantage when we visit my family as my Mom is always wanting and willing to babysit.