Monday, June 30, 2014

June - BABIES to see!!!!

Well June is gone already! We had 2 trips this month so it was busy. 1st trip was to Tybee Island, Georgia we drove 12 hours for a weekend getaway for Keith's friends wedding which he was best man for. It was beautiful, you will see in pictures below!! I really enjoyed Georgia and would go back again for a vacation in a heartbeat! Miles swam about 15ft on his own in a pool at our hotel in Georgia, pictures below to prove it:) Iris officially started to crawl just before our trip. Although she is not happy crawling she will stop and try and stand up with her bum sticking straight up in the air. She is still not sturdy enough to walk yet but she sure wants to. She just recently started pulling herself up to stand on furniture and's going to get even busier for us really soon!
Our trip to Peterborough was short but jam packed full of exciting family events. My little nephew, Beau, arrived May 29th, I could not wait to get to Peterborough to meet him! We didn't get in until after midnight Friday June 20th but to my surprise my brother brought him to me for a visit early the next morning! He is a perfect peach! I don't know why but from the first picture they sent me I have been calling him a peach so I am just sticking with it:) I love him and can't wait to see him again on our next trip, which will be in only a few weeks!
Another added bonus to this trip was that my cousin from Kelowna was in Peterborough visiting at the same time. Her baby Miko is only a few months younger than Iris. We have been so close our whole lives but having babies around the same time has made us even closer. I am so glad we got to see each other and our kiddos since we both live so far from our original homes. Thank goodness for Skype to keep us in touch between visits!