Sunday, March 22, 2015

February and March

Valentine's party with cousin Beau!
 Had to have a little taste of Canadian winter - short work trip for me/visit to Grandma and Grandpa's for the kids.

Miles doesn't like getting his picture taken anymore (sad face below). Although he wasn't sad he really digs mixing up his dress up clothes:)

 We actually did get enough snow one time this winter to go sledding. Both kids had fun!
And then it quickly warmed up....

 Miles and Iris at the park - Iris is a serious climber and keeps me on my toes even more than Miles did at this age.

Getting warmer out. There have been some 75F days already. The ice cream truck has made a few visits to the subdivision in the last week or so.... Spring is finally here!

 It was a long winter - the kids always want to go outside now. Iris goes to the door and says ball, ball....So good to get fresh air finally!
Miles finally gets to use his present from Santa - big boy bike with training wheels.