Sunday, January 25, 2015

Miles is 5 Already!

How time has flown by..... I can't believe we have a 5 year old already. Miles was so lucky, he got two parties this year. One on the beach in Antigua that was topped with a treasure hunt and treasure found by an actual ship wreck!
Then when we got home we had a superhero party. He kept changing his mind on the theme of the party. It started as a batman party, then he wanted to include ninja turtles and all other superheroes!:) Miles had a blast. He is growing up so fast! Kindergarten starts in August, I need time to slow down ahhhh....My sweet boy!

Beautiful Antigua!

Pictures don't do this place justice!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 2014

These pictures are from earlier in December before the Christmas festivities had begun.

Miles' last day of swimming lessons - he got to play in the fun side:)

Christmas festivities
This year was so busy we didn't do much in preparation before the main event on Christmas day. I participated in the Santa dash 5k run in St Charles again this year, but this year a friend and her 3 month old joined me. It was so nice to have someone to run with. There were 6000 runners this year! Miles was sick with an ear infection leading up to Christmas so it was a shame he missed on some Christmas events we had planned with his cousins. He also had to send his Santa letter in the mail rather than sit on his lap (he was pretty disappointed about that). But this night (picture below) we set out to see a Christmas light display at a house in a subdivision not far from our house. It was really neat when we drove up to the house we set our car radio to a certain station. The music playing on that station was in sync with the light show on the house. Miles loved it and we were so glad for that! We had a nice Christmas day spent opening presents, a big breakfast feast, skype with Mom and Dad and Boo. Then facetime with Ben and Carrie and Beau on the way down to St Genevieve. Then the rest of the day at Ann and Mikes house with Keith's family.
Miles and Iris were such a joy to watch at this time of year. I love Christmas with our little family. What would I do without them!

Miles was so excited to get this Hot Wheels track from Grandma and Grandpa. They top our presents every year!:)

Iris was more interested in bags and wrapping paper than any of her presents. She did like the toy food Santa brought her though. She makes pretend chewing noises when she pretends to eat it too, she copies what we do.

Some of their cousins at Me Ma and Papa's on Christmas day.

A little meal we made a couple days after Christmas, as if we needed another feast! but it was so worth it. Keith looked after cooking the chicken in rosemary, thyme and other goodie herbs. I looked after the sides, acorn squash stuffed with apple, celery, onion, bread crumbs topped with old while cheddar. I used to hate Brussels sprouts but not these ones paired with home made candied pecans. This was Keith's first time trying Brussels sprouts and he said he liked them?:) 

A cute little shelf Keith made me for Christmas. It was made out of an old pallet they were going to throw away at work.

Uncle Kyle shares his Birthday with Jesus on December 25th. We got to have ice cream cake on Christmas day as well as all the other yummy Christmas goodies.

The kids got new car seats and made forts out of the big boxes they came in.