Friday, September 26, 2014

Iris' 1st Birthday!


What a fun Birthday party! It went without a hitch thanks to Mom for being here and helping me get ready for it. I was so glad Mom and Dad were here for Iris' first birthday party. Having so much family here made the day that much more special. I can't believe Iris' is already 1! I am too sad to take down the decorations still because then it will really be over, although Miles says it is time:) We discovered at Iris' birthday that she does in fact like cake!:) Love my little smiley, sparkly eyed Iris pooh!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer 2014

I am back to blogging now that summer is over. Here is a peak at what we were up to all summer long. There was so much I can't remember the details of it all.

In random order Miles went to the butterfly house with his friend Jackson. Jackson lives across the street from us and is in Grade one but him and Miles get along great together. I am also friends with Jackson's Mom, Jackie.

We took an actual 2 week family vacation trip to Peterborough. It was a relaxing trip spend mostly on Lower Buckhorn lake at the parents cottage (my favourite place in the world). We had lots of fun with Mom and Dad. However we didn't get to visit much with anyone else because the kids and I got hand, foot and mouth disease! Sounds way worse than it is! But not fun to get at all! I learnt that my kids are tougher than I am when getting sick (according to Keith not hard to do:) The kids and I spent a day in the city, Toronto, with aunt Boo Boo (Diana). It was my first time on the Island which is so much fun for kids. See Miles driving the green car!

Miles started second year of pre-k, he is going 3 days a week this year. He is into Batman gear these days. He wants to be Batman for Halloween.

Iris has started to take steps here and there for the past month but not onto full time walking yet, yet....She just got another tooth yesterday. She is at 3 teeth now! poor baby though it is not fun when they are coming in:( Iris has now been in daycare for 3 weeks. It is going relatively well. She has had a runny nose cold the entire time. You know what they says about daycare, constant cold....Everything else has been good so far. She is taking a while to get into napping since she is sensitive to light and noise, but it is getting better. I am in better spirits because I get most of my work done in the day now and get to spend the evenings as a family. All round good for us!

We spent the day with the kids girl cousins in Ste Genevieve for jour de fete, a yearly artisan craft fair. It was fun and hot! There is a picture below of the kids having snow cones.