Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May reflections

Here are some updated pictures of what we have been up to in May.
I didn't think we had done much but looking back at the pictures I guess we have kept quite busy.

I am starting to reflect on what my kids are up to again. Iris is now 8 months old already and Miles is going to be 5 on his next Birthday - I know it is not for a long time but I am starting to get a reality check on how time is flying by and I don't want to forget these little tidbits of things that they do :)
Don't ever want to forget:
-Miles rubs the tags on the insides of his shirts for comfort/security. Does it mostly in the mornings.
-Miles still asks to be held like a baby after a bath when he is wrapped up in a towel.
-Miles can count to 30 but he always leaves out 16 and 17
-When he writes his name his S looks like a 3 and it usually ends up underneath the rest of his name (runs out of room)
-Iris grabs and plays with my hair and face when she drinks from a bottle
-Iris used to grunt a lot like a bear - still does sometimes
-Iris likes to have blankies up by her face - snuggly when sleeping
-Iris is extremely flexible, can put both feet in her mouth when being changed, goes from sitting to splits to crawling position. Although not officially crawling yet - just getting ready in take off position.

Miles and Iris are interacting a lot more now. Iris loves everything Miles does and she can do things with him now. They both play with mega blocks, Miles builds towers with them and Iris puts them in her mouth. They can have baths together now. Iris's favourite toy is tic toc crock. Both Miles and Iris' favourite tv show is Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Iris is a bit ruff when she pulls hair even Miles has to watch his head getting too close to her. He is surprisingly patient with her and knows she doesn't know what 'no' means yet.