Thursday, September 24, 2015

September fun - Special Birthday this month!!!

We went to the zoo with Erin and Carter.

Fall Ball - This time it is coach pitch! (but if they don't get it the first few tries then they bring the "T" out:)

Random pics

 Grandma and Grandpa have arrived! Waiting at the bus stop for Miles to come home from school.
 Eckert's Apple Farm. Much more to do there than just pick apples. Those apples sure are good though!

Iris turns 2!
Holy Moly. Time needs to slow down so that I can soak in every minute I get with her. Or should I say I need to slow down:) Still my little sweet pea, Care Bear, perfect peach....or whatever name I feel like calling her at the time:) Love my Iris pooh!


Friday, September 4, 2015

What we did in August...

What happened in August - Well my first born started Kindergarten that's all!!!!
I can't believe what a big boy he is now. Is it going to go by this fast with Iris too???
Oh ya and here are some pictures of other things we did in August - all right here in Missouri.

 Kids loved the kiddie pool on our deck.

 Me Ma and Iris on their nice new deck!
 We went out for dinner with Keith's parents at Chaumette Winery where we got married 5 years ago (since Aug 28th.) Beautiful spot filled with beautiful memories of that day!


 Jeur De Fete - is a craft fair we go to every year in August in downtown Ste Genevieve.
Big Day - First Day of Kindergarten for Miles

 Jackson, Miles and Iris
Jackson is Miles' friend who is in grade 2 and lives across the road from us
 Can't believe this is happening - he is getting on the bus!!! I was so proud of him. He totally kept it together the whole day with no crying, wish I could say the same for me!!!
 I was so impressed with the bus system. They paired the Kindergarteners up with a grade 5 to help them find their classroom. Iris and I were there waiting for him as well to make sure he got there ok.

And he comes home happy. Successful first day!

More neighbor friends that he gets off the bus with.
From left to right: Miles, Nate, Maddie, Jackson.
 This is at a waterpark in St Charles we went to a couple time this summer.

 Iris loves yogurt for breakfast. Messy but good!
 Miles loves building and creating with the little lego's at Me Ma and Papa's house.