Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Burrett Cottage - Lower Buckhorn Lake, Summer 2015

Still the most beautiful place I know...

 New rock steps

Cousins - Beau's great smile!
Charlie, I mean uncle Ben:)
New moccasins from Grandma's store 

Peterborough Zoo with Frankie, Lenny and Beau 

Vist with Olvs and Noey in Kingston. Sweet little Noey! 2 months old
Lori and her boys came to visit. Jacob is growing up too fast!

Chloe and her boys came to visit. Boys play like no time has passed since last visit.


Dad's cabin near Bancroft that we call McAlpine. Miles said it was his best place ever:)
The kids weren't sure about being up so high in this cubby area in the cabin.
Honey berry plants 3x the antioxidants that blueberries have. Dad and Pete planted a lot of them.
Happy Canada Day on July 1st. 
Canada Day/July 4th cream cheese pie  
Grandpa's little helper 
Happy 60th Birthday Dad!