Wednesday, April 30, 2014

professional pictures of kids - Miles 4 years, Iris 6 months

spring has sprung!

Well spring is very much here in St Louis. Our tulips have had their last day, my favourite flower doesn't last nearly long enough. The blossoms have almost all turned to lush green leaves on the trees. It's very rejuvenating outside these days! Certainly makes us and everyone else in our neighborhood go outside more.

Miles started soccer this spring. Keith and his uncle Sean are the coaches. Miles is mostly interested in the snack they get at the end of the game:) There are actually quite a few good players on the team and it is pretty entertaining to watch. He also started swimming lessons late this winter and is almost finished. It has gained him some confidence in the water without water wings. Although I know we have lots of practicing to do to keep up with it.

Iris is rolling all over the place. She sits up on her own pretty sturdy now. She is exploring different foods, her favourite are pureed sweet potatoes and mashed bananas. She is napping great in the afternoon and sleeping through the night still but only in the playpen in our room. We have started the weaning process of breastfeeding. She is taking one bottle of formula now and seems to like it. The reason was to give me some uninterrupted time to work at night. It's also a great way for her and Keith to bond (as long as she doesn't hear my voice). Love having a mamas girl!

Here are some updated photos for the month of April. Hope everyone had a great Easter! Miles got too much candy! he got a big chocolate bunny that he really wanted, but was surprised that it was hollow not solid!