Thursday, September 24, 2015

September fun - Special Birthday this month!!!

We went to the zoo with Erin and Carter.

Fall Ball - This time it is coach pitch! (but if they don't get it the first few tries then they bring the "T" out:)

Random pics

 Grandma and Grandpa have arrived! Waiting at the bus stop for Miles to come home from school.
 Eckert's Apple Farm. Much more to do there than just pick apples. Those apples sure are good though!

Iris turns 2!
Holy Moly. Time needs to slow down so that I can soak in every minute I get with her. Or should I say I need to slow down:) Still my little sweet pea, Care Bear, perfect peach....or whatever name I feel like calling her at the time:) Love my Iris pooh!


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